About SCAA

The South Carolina Archival Association (SCAA) is a statewide association of individuals interested in the management of, preservation of, and access to South Carolina's historical records.

SCAA membership is diverse, including those who work in historical societies, museums, colleges and universities, and churches, to those in state, county, and municipal governments, and ranges from volunteers to full-time professional manuscript curators and archivists.

The objectives of the SCAA are:

  • To foster cooperation and exchange information among individuals and institutions interested in archival and related activities;
  • To promote the preservation and use of manuscript and archival resources of the state;
  • To share information on archival theories and practices;
  • To provide a forum for discussion of matters as they pertain to the archival profession;
  • And, to cooperate with organizations and professions in related fields.

Founded in early 1999, with the support of the State Historical Records Advisory Board (SC SHRAB), the SCAA held its first annual meeting on October 21, 1999.