Bylaws Of The South Carolina Archival Association

    • Duties of Officers and Executive Board Members

      A) The president shall direct and coordinate the affairs of the Association, shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board, and shall perform such duties as may be directed by the Executive Board.

      B) The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in case of the president's resignation or absence. The vice president shall serve as the president-elect and as the official Association liaison with other organizations or committees with which the Association cooperates, and shall perform other duties as requested by the president.

      C) The secretary shall notify Executive Board members of Board meetings, record and disseminate the minutes of the Executive Board and business meetings as directed by the Board, shall maintain updated copies of the constitution and bylaws of the Association and provide copies upon request. The secretary shall conduct the correspondence necessary to transacting the Association's business including the sending of notices to members concerning meetings. The secretary shall also serve as the archivist for the Association.

      D) The treasurer shall have custody of all funds belonging to the Association and shall disburse them in accordance with the annual budget or upon the expressed authority of the Executive Board. The treasurer shall keep accurate records of all financial transactions, shall deposit and disburse funds in a timely manner, shall present current budget reports at each meeting of the Executive Board and at the business meeting, and shall present for Executive Board approval a final written budget report at the end of the calendar year. The treasurer shall present for Executive Board approval a proposed budget for the following year at the first meeting of each fiscal year.

      E) The membership officer shall oversee the maintenance of membership lists, send out dues notices and contact those members who do not renew. The membership officer shall also serve as the chair of a membership committee. The membership committee will actively solicit new members, including staffing an information table at the Association's meetings. The membership committee will notify archival and manuscript institutions of the Association's meetings and encourage their participation and membership in the Association. The membership committee will issue an annual membership directory.

      F) Directors (1st year): Directors in their first year shall serve on the Program Committee and perform other duties as requested by the Executive Board or president. Directors (2nd year): Directors in their second year shall chair the Program Committee, coordinate arrangements for the annual meeting, and perform other duties as requested by the Executive Board or president.


    • Budget and Fiscal Year

      The fiscal year for the Association's budget and for the payment of dues to the Association shall be January 1 to December 31 each year.


    • Election of Officers

      A) The Nominating Committee shall consider candidates for the offices of vice-president, secretary, treasurer, director, and membership officer. (One director shall be elected each year following the first year for which Association officers are elected).

      B) All candidates must be members of the Association.

      C) The recommendations of the Nominating Committee shall be formally reported to the membership before the annual business meeting.

      D) Nominations may be made from the floor in addition to the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee. Voting will be by ballot and election by simple majority of votes cast. Candidates unopposed for office shall be elected by acclamation. The Nominating Committee shall count the ballots and announce the results at the annual business meeting. Any election difficulties or ties shall be resolved by a majority vote of the members present at the annual business meeting session.


    • Committees and Other Appointments

      A) Standing committees shall be created or abolished as required by vote of the Executive Board. The president shall appoint the members of standing committees with the appointments to be confirmed by the majority of the Executive Board. Written yearly reports are required of any standing committee created by the Executive Board.

      B) A Nominating Committee of not less than three members of the Association shall be appointed each year by the Executive Board. The chair of the committee shall be the immediate past president of the Association. No other member of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed from among the present members of the Executive Board.

      C) The Executive Board shall appoint the editor of the semiannual newsletter. Such appointments are to last a minimum of two years. The editor shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio, member of the Executive Board. The editor will appoint editorial staff as needed to assist with editorial and production responsibilities in order to ensure the timely distribution of the Association's newsletter.

      D) Other appointments as needed may be made by the Executive Board.


    • Parliamentary Procedure

      Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the proceedings of the Association, except as otherwise provided for in the Constitution or Bylaws of the Association. The president shall appoint a parliamentarian for each meeting.


    • Access to Organizational Records

      The records of officers or committee chairs shall be transferred to the secretary for custody as their terms expire. The Executive Board shall designate an institution to preserve the Association's records of enduring value. All records of the Association shall be open for public inspection.


Promulgated by the South Carolina Archival Association Steering Committee
Columbia, South Carolina
January 5, 1999

Revised by the SCAA Executive Board, Columbia, SC, September 11, 2001